Become a Member

We would love to have you join our Covenant family! To be a member is not to say that you have it all figured out, but that you believe in God and in Jesus, and want to be part of this Covenant community as we strive to be faithful disciples of Christ.
If you have never been a member of a church, then we can receive you into membership by profession of faith. The fundamental affirmation of such a profession of faith is: Jesus is Lord! If you have never been baptized, then at the time you make your profession of faith, we will baptize you. If you are currently a member of another church, we can write for a letter of transfer to have your membership moved here. If you are a member of another church but have not been involved there in a long time or if the church will not send a letter of transfer (some don’t), then we can receive you into membership by reaffirmation of faith.
When you join, you will meet with the Session (the governing body of the church) and briefly share the faith journey that brought you to Covenant. The Session will receive you into membership and someone will then introduce you to the congregation in worship at a time that works for your schedule. If you are interested in learning more or in joining, please contact John Peterson.