Session Highlights for 2017


At its stated meeting on November 19, the Session took the following actions:

 ¨ Approved a format for color in print editions of the newsletter                                                                             ¨ Approved a gift to Laura Lawson with gratitude for her leadership in Christian Education for children last summer   ¨ Approved a policy with regard to beverages in the sanctuary                                                                             ¨ Approved a process for moving ahead with action on the identified societal need: the impact of poverty on           children                                                                                                                                                                                   ¨ Affirmed the church’s existing policy as a “gun-free zone”


At its stated meeting on October 22, the Session took the following actions:

 ¨ Approved a preliminary/challenge budget for 2018 in the amount of $554,901                                                           ¨ Approved the installation of handicap accessible doors near the office                                                             ¨ Approved the leasing of a new copier                                                                                                                             ¨ Approved Glorious Gifts recipients for 2017                                                                                                         ¨ Approved a minimum hourly rate for compensation for hourly workers                                                                         ¨ Approved the hiring of a Parish Associate                                                                                                                 ¨ Called a meeting of the Session for May 6, 2018 for purpose of examining confirmants

At its stated meeting on August 20, the Session took the following actions:

 ¨ Received a report on the July 18 called meeting of presbytery                                                                           ¨ Elected Tom Compton and Ruth Arnold as commissioners to the August meeting of presbytery                                 ¨ Approved a contract for provision of screen print and embroidery services for the preschool                                 ¨ Approved supply preachers:                                                                                                                                                          October 1—Crystal Gosnell;                                                                                                                                                        October 15—Nancy Meehan Yao, Associate General Presbyter for Shenandoah Presbytery                                   ¨ Approved gifting of old choir robes to churches in the presbytery as any may have need                                     ¨ Approved moving the October stated meeting of Session to October 22


At its stated meeting on June 18, the Session took the following actions: 

 –Elected Tom Compton and John Sayers commissioners to the August 26th meeting of presbytery                               —Approved distributions for support of the Baja Mission Trip and a Disaster Assistance project in WV                             –Approved benefits provisions for non-clerical full-time staff  Approved Melissa Harmon to preach on June 25th   –Approved Executive Team as coordinators for activities for programs related to the identified societal need           –Approved plans for focusing on the impact of poverty on children for the fall                                                               —Approved the Community Nurse Network Covenant with Augusta Health and Kathy Henderson 

At its stated meeting on May 21, the Session took the following actions:

  • Approved participation in a celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation with Christ Lutheran Church on October 29th
  • Received a report on the May 9th meeting of Shenandoah Presbytery
  • Approved a TOW fundraiser for Baja for February 2, 2018
  • Approved distribution of funds from the Special offering to Retire the Debt to the Cyclical Repair Fund
  • Approved transfer of funds to complete obligations under the Capital Campaign to the Cyclical Repair Fund and in partial payment of the final obligation to Outreach
  • Elected Jackie Kurtz and Ty Tysinger to the Memorial/Endowment Fund Committee Class of 2019
  • Approved a supply preacher for June 25th
At its stated meeting on April 23, the Session took the following actions:
– Approved a job description for the Administrative Assistant position
– Approved supply preachers for May 14th and June 4th
– Approved posting a sign in the church lawn welcoming neighbors
– Adopted as a societal need for study and action across the life of the congregation in the coming year: the impact of poverty on children


At its stated meeting on March 19, the Session took the following actions:
– Received a letter from Emily Peterson confirming her withdrawal from the PCUSA Ordination Process
¨ Received a report on the March 4th meeting of presbytery
¨ Approved hosting the Ethiopian Partnership banquet on May 12th
¨ Approved distributions to LEARN, Helping Hands and Valley Community Support Inc.

¨ Approved a special offering to retire the debt on May 7th

 Approved joining together for just one worship service at 10:30 on May 21st for Children’s Sunday


At its stated meeting on February 19, the Session took the following actions:

 – Approved Covenant’s PCUSA annual statistical report for 2016
– Elected Ruth Arnold and Troy Kurtz as commissioners to a called meeting of presbytery on March 4, and Cliff Gilchrest and Becky Earhart as commissioners to the next stated meeting of presbytery on May 9
– Approved allocation of the 2016 budget surplus:
Outreach 10,000
Personnel   7,000
Facilities   2,500
Congregational Care  500
Audit   1,250
Preschool   6,500
Cyclical Repair Fund 15,350
Personnel Transition   1,000
Debt Reduction 29,000
Total 73,100

– Approved hosting the Helping Hands program for one week in the summer of 2017 and $400 in funds to help support it

– Designated Verona Food Pantry, Valley Mission and New Directions as recipients of the local portion of the Four Cents Per Meal Offerings for 2017

– Approved Didawick & Co. as auditors for the periodic financial audit


At its stated meeting in retreat on January 14, the Session took the following actions:

  • Approved youth trips for this summer
  • Approved communion dates for 2017
  • Approved Session goals for 2017