Session Priorities for 2016

1. Create opportunity for greater integration of the congregation. (With two worship services we often don’t know one another and there may be opportunities for us to better worship and serve together as one church.)
2. Explore use of technology in congregational life to be more inclusive including ‘social media presence’. (This past year our website had a complete makeover under the able direction of Darlene Schneck and Sharlene Wade, but there may be further opportunities for us to better reach everyone.)
3. Pay down the debt. (As of today the balance on the debt is a little over $93,000; last year we paid off $107,000!)
4. Develop Lay Leadership. (This embraces both existing opportunities and future possibilities for lay leadership – as elders and in other capacities.)
5. Create a staffing structure that meets the current and future needs of the congregation including plans for a sabbatical. (I am due for a sabbatical sometime in the not too distant future, so we need to plan for it. Staffing structure will also be a piece of our long-range plan.)