Session Priorities for 2017

Our consensus for 2017 Session priorities is as follows:
1. Pay off the debt
2.  Identify our societal goal to address and begin to act on it
3. Navigate the staffing transition at Covenant. 
(This will include: (a) ensuring teams continue to function effectively, (b) clarify roles of staff and Session members, (c) ensure the continuity of communication, (d) keep the congregation informed)
4. Identify discipleship and lay leadership needs and encourage members of all ages to serve. 
(This will include (a) team identification of tasks / opportunities, especially unmet needs or gaps, (b) “find something for everyone who is willing”)
5. Review and refresh opportunities for involvement.
(This will include discussion of TOW, Mission Sunday, how to invite more people into Outreach programs, how to create more inter-faith opportunities, etc.).